Transparent sides for Nomad?

(Tito) #1

I wonder how hard it would be for the C3D folks to offer replacement side panels for the Nomad in clear plexiglass. The white HDPE (?) is good in that it lets in some light, but on my bench this would be convenient for (1) letting in more light to illuminate the work piece, and (2) just being able to glance over from the side and see how things are going. I could always take the sides off without impacting functionality, but the dust is obviously easier to contain with the sides.

Alternatively, maybe they could make CNC files of them available and someone here with an XXL could make them on order…

Just a thought.

(Dan Nelson) #2

I like the idea, but I don’t know how well they’d hold up depending on what you’re cutting. Polycarbonate is impact resistant, but scratches somewhat easy. Acrylic is more scratch resistant, but cracks easier. I would think you’d get a light scratch “fog” after while no matter how gentle you are with it. You won’t know for sure till you try it though.


(Tito) #3

Yeah, I was wondering about that. But, of course, the front panel is something clear that on mine is a bit scuffed but is generally holding up pretty well. Don’t know what it is though.

(Dan Nelson) #4

Maybe get an oversized screen saver like is used on a mobile phone? Probably could even use some clear vinyl or shelf paper? I dunno, just thinking out loud, I don’t even own a Nomad…yet:)


(Tito) #5

Ooh! Interesting idea! Thanks!