Turned the XXL wasteboard into a vacuum table

(Jude Marleau) #21

Absolutely, I’ve always free handed the cutout than cut 3 times and the last is always too much, Great idea, good luck.

(Jerry Gray) #22

I just wanted to show folks an example.
I dont know, that I’ll ever actually sell templates.
Just another idea for my “just in case” book.
Any one is welcome to copy this idea, but it opens the door to a whole other avenue.
Maybe next, I’ll attach a plasma cutter :slight_smile:

(Jude Marleau) #23

Go For it, if I try to make any money it’s just going back into the hobby. Put them out there, never thought of magnetic ones for some reason, terrific. Templates, stencils, “send in your own artwork and we’ll make in into molding” type marketing ideas…yes that is a wide open avenue, not my avenue, could be your’s…diversity is the backbone of growth…

(Jerry Gray) #24

Graphite molds for Silver Art Bars is in my list too.
So many things to make, only one short life!

(Jude Marleau) #25

a kind of candy bar right???..Personalized molds for your gold bars, "mail in your gold and your design and we’ll mold it w/your artwork even your face on each bars, some gold may be exhausted in the molding process (as like some settling may occur) "…marketing new products will eventually be an automated accessory for the Shapeoko… Jude

(Jerry Gray) #26

Thats a good one right there :wink:

(Jude Marleau) #27

I think your peg board topped vacuum table is genius. I want to replicate your design in a smaller version for my requirements. The sheet of plastic can be replaced and holes popped into it where ever needed. Holding many small parts on a vacuum table is now feasable, thanks Jerry for a terrific design. Jude

(Jerry Gray) #28

I think that plastic would work great.
I haven’t used mine since, except I sprayed Flex seal on mine, afterword for a better rubber seal.
My surfaced board came out a little fuzzy.
The flex seal worked good, and I also learned
1 - Boards need to be flat. So a back up clamp system, like side tracks, maybe, for bowed boards.
I use weights on mine to keep them flat, during storage.
2- Stiff material, like my .035" thick magnet sheet, needs to be rolled the right way so the vinyl side is up, and the ends will want to curl down.
The board will suck it right down, that way, but if the ends curl upwards, I had to use tape to get a perfect suction.
As long as one keeps his boards flat, it works great!
The flex seal worked good on the fuzz, too. I rubbed it in, while it was wet.

(Jude Marleau) #29

Thanks for the lessons learned, will take that into the planning. The next step…vacuum table.