Unnecessary z movements

(Frank Buss) #1

Attached is a file which creates G code (also attached) for z movements for each layer of the outer 5 mm radius circle. It mills a layer, then it goes up a centimeter and down again, then the next layer etc. I guess could be at least 3 times faster if it wouldn’t do it. Looks like for the 3 mm radius circle it doesn’t do this. Can I prevent this for the outer circle as well?
hole.c2d (3.7 KB)
hole.nc (140.6 KB)

(William Adams) #2

By doing geometry selections and setting toolpaths as optimally as is possible in Carbide Create one can reduce this to some extent. Lowering the safety/retract height helps as well.

There are 3rd party tools for optimizing toolpaths (listed on the wiki, but it’s down last I checked, should be back up some time today), but you’re on your own for that sort of thing I’m afraid.

(mikep) #3

The more you work, and the more complex the cuts you do, the worse this gets. This is one of the big reasons I moved away to other tools that optimize better.