Updated! My DXF, SVG, etc collection

(Gene Gore) #21

Ok, all is repaired and good to go.

(Stacy Boncheff) #22

Did you have a folder ANIMALS - I was trying to move the one I had back up there and looked like your disappeared. Please check that one and sorry for the screw-up on my part.

(William Adams) #23

If the license permits, would you want to upload these to the wiki?

Send me a PM w/ your e-mail address if you’d like an account.

(mikep) #24

I’ve placed my collection of useful stuff onto a Google drive folder too. Like @Wannabe_Maker, most of these I do not own the rights to, so use at your own risk for whatever purpose. There are two folders. @Wannabe_Maker, if you want to add these to your repository, that’s fine with me.

This one is exclusively vector material:
Vector Material
At the moment, has a nearly complete set of F1 track maps, and a library of digital joints (dxf and iges)

This one has all of that, plus a number of raster images that would make easy conversions to vector. Has some grates, a lot of “ornamentation” vector/raster images that would be good sources of stuff, a bunch of frames, and a number of aircraft company logos (American Aviation, De-havilland, Vultee, Focke Wulf, Vultee, Messerchmit, Tupolev)
Source Material

(mark robinson) #25

Just bringing this back up for everyone new to see…

(mark robinson) #26

@jdg3 you should add your new collection to this aswell,Thanks for sharing btw :slight_smile:

(Jerry Gray) #27

Crap. I should’ve done a search first. I remember this now :slight_smile:
I’ll start moving :slight_smile:
Edit: you can’t upload to this folder, only download.
So I’ll just add my link:
Added some religious .stl’s today :slight_smile: 6/28/17
Whole folder of Horoscope .stl :slight_smile: 07/02/17

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(Gene Gore) #28

I added almost 6GB of data. Send me a message if you want to help rearrange this folder and manage it going forward.

I restricted access due to someone accidentally deleting all of the content lol

(Carl Hilinski) #29

Just a thought…it would be nice if there were jpg images in the STL and DXF folder to see what the STL/DXF images look like in the folder.

(Gene Gore) #30

These are files that I’ve collected from the net, it would be a lot of work to organize them in that way. if someone wants to do that, I am all for granting them access to do so :wink:

(Gene Gore) #31

Look what i found

(Carl Hilinski) #32

That extension reports that the STLs are too big; there’s apparently a 50M limit (the Harley one was the only one it could open).

(mikep) #33

It being that time of year, here are my Fusion360 models of F1 track maps, mostly current for the 2018 season, but might be missing one or two, with a couple favorites thrown in. Note that each has two sketches, one with the start/finish (the circle/hole) and some width to make a reasonable looking model, and a second sketch that is just the track centerline for whatever use. I’m happy to do others on request, just PM me.


(Griff Carpenter) #34

So, really dumb question here. How do I get rid of all the sketch points on the drawings in F 360? I can only extrude 4 parts in this example.
Just muddlin’ through here.

Thanks for all the drawings, hope I’m smart enough to use ‘em.

(Neil Ferreri) #35

(Greg Thomas) #36

Thanks for this there are quite a few things in there that I will play around with.