Upgrade to grbl 1.1 / CM 4 Limit Switch issues

(Hank O'Donnell) #1

Howdy all, long time no see.

I decided to upgrade and I’m running into some strange issues.

The homing sequence hangs and let’s me know it “couldn’t find limit switch”

However when I manually press each limit switch (x, y, z) it reads in the error log above.

I’ve tried all common resets to fix and uploaded the correct info from CM4 to my Nomad Pro.

Any help would be appreciated, I hope you’re all well.

Much love.


(Phil Gorsuch) #2

Hey Hank - I have been holding off on moving to GRBL 1.1/CM4 as well just in case things go wrong and stop my ongoing work so have no brilliant insights unfortunately. Given the dearth of responses probably time for emailing support@carbide3d.com. Make sure to share how it turns out!



(Mark Walker) #3

Does it drive the correct direction toward the limit switches? When I did the upgrade, I needed to reset the settings. (Is it one of the steps?)