Upgrading software for Nomad 883Pro

(Craig Cole) #1

I have not used my Nomad since September 1st when My Shapeoko XXL arrived(kinda got wrapped up with the XXL). I would like to upgrade to the latest versions of Carbide Motion and Carbide create to take advantage of the tab feature and eventually to use the probing features. What exactly do I have to do get it cutting again and using the same software version as I have for the XXL

(William Adams) #2

It should all just work, so long as you haven’t updated your Shapeoko to Grbl 1.1 and Carbide Motion 4.

Carbide Motion 3: http://carbide3d.com/carbidemotion/ and Carbide Create: http://carbide3d.com/carbidecreate/ should work with all Nomads running Grbl 0.9 — Carbide Create will still work with those updated to 1.1, and Carbide Motion 4 as well.

(Craig Cole) #3

I am running CM build 4.0.410 CC Build 312

(William Adams) #4

In that case, you’ll need to update your Nomad’s firmware to Grbl 1.1. Please see: http://docs.carbide3d.com/support/carbideupdater/