Using Trex for Wastboard material?

(Craig Cole) #1

Well it appears that my aluminum base for my XXL is about a week away from completion. On that note I was looking around in my shop to see what I could use for the waste board and came across some TimberTech decking material. Has anyone used composite decking material as waste board I plan on installing a T track system between the waste board The TimberTech has polymer cap on all sides but when surfacing the waste board would be removed.The inside of the TimberTech seems to be exceptionally dense more so than MDF and it does not warp,or crack, any thought or casual observations??

(William Adams) #2

I’m pretty sure some folks have used it — HDPE and Starboard are two other popular choices. I use PVC lumber in-between the T-tracks on my machine and have been pleased w/ it.

(Craig Cole) #3

I have the PVC waste board on my Nomad and love it. It is dusty and the stuff sticks to everything in low humidity but I love that I can just glue a new piece on top after it has been surfaced a bunch of times with the Azek Glue(Don’t tell I used regular PVC pipe glue and it worked the same as the “Azek” glue) It is also possible to glue up jigs that can be easily attached directly to the waste board if doing light production work

(Carl Hilinski) #4

Note that the “plastic wood” is porous just like MDF. So if you want to do some vacuum table stuff on it, you’re going to have to take extra measures to seal it. This is documented elsewhere on this site. I personally know that Trex-style wood and mdf are porous and someone else reported that the sheets of PVC are also porous. I know HDPE is not porous and can be used for vacuums.