Using UGS "Probe Helper"

(John Ellenberger) #1

I decided to start simple and just use the UGS functionality and a cheapo Z probe-pad. Probing works fine but the result don’t seem right. If I do a return to zero after the probe I am about 1/16" above the material. I could fudge the probe width but I want to know what is actually happening here (some mysterious parameter?). Screenshots attached:

Just after probe finishes

Just after return to zero button pressed


(Will Winder) #2

Try the nightly build, there is an improved probe plugin.

(Luke) #3

I’ll send mine over in the am but I too use the nightly build

(John Ellenberger) #4

Just to confirm the UGS nightly build (platform / 64 bit in my case) works fine. The added animation is kinda ugly but the point is that it does the job. It also has an x-y capability.

(Luke) #5

Have you swapped to the platform built - the probe module should look something like this:

(John Ellenberger) #6

Well kinda. Mine doesn’t have the cute little Mac round cornered tabs but more or less the same on Windooz. I am currently only using the Z tab.

(Luke) #7

Is the plate thickness correct?

(Jim Dodds) #8

I use UGS Platform for the probe features. It has worked perfectly on all axis probe options available (well, in the short time I’ve had the probe anyway :slight_smile:)

(Doug Harrison) #9

What pad did you get?

(John Ellenberger) #10

Not sure which of us you’re asking but I have two:

Cheap Chinese Z

One that can do edges, Z and centering

The cheap Z plate had a decent set of wires so I put a connector on the end and I can plug either plate into the controller depending on the circumstance

(Doug Harrison) #11

Perfect, thank you…

(system) #12

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