Vacuum Holding Options?

(Patricio Suarez) #1

Anyone with experience with vacuum holding. I’m starting to look into it to see if it’s a viable solution for me. Any thoughts on these:

I like that they are modular.

(Jude Marleau) #2

I like what Jerry did with his vacuum table. It looks to me like he can rearrange the vacuum hole layout by simply switching out a new plastic sheet with different cut out he could need. He has a peg board top covered with plastic. I want to eventually build a similar setup. My needs require lots of specific hole patterns to hold down the many small peices I cut out of large panels so I won;t need tabs or an onion skin and each individual part can be cut out and be held by the vacuum. Each toy has many parts and uses multiple “master” cut files, I think that by using a sheet of “shower pan liner (rubber)” for each master cut file with that master cut file’s hole pattern than I will be able to simply switch vacuum top covers (shower pan liners) and vacuum hold the next panel each time I need to switch to the nest master cut file. This explanation seems to grow as I try to explain, I hope I explained it good enough, and hope this helps. My problem with the pods is I would need many and smaller pods and how to fixture them to the table so they don’t fit my requirement. Jerry’s vacuum table build fulfills my requirement. Jude

(James Carter) #3

I think the vacuum systems work pretty darn well. You just have to have a nice smooth surface on your stock. I briefly considered a vacuum system for my Nomad, but I’m a lazy, lazy man, and my low profile drill press vise is doing a fantastic job :slight_smile:

(Jude Marleau) #4

I do agree and that’s why I want to build one. MY requirement is say 35 crazy little parts that need to be held by vacuum holes that are arranged in different patterns for each panel of parts I cut. My explanation was trying to explain how I would use the vacuum system to accomplish my requirement. Most people probably cut one part at a time, I cut many and need many variable patterns for a vacuum table to work for me.Jerry’s table is a great design that I can realize it’s potential and be able to through cut each little part without using tabs (that have to be manually removed as does also an onion skin layer). The pods should be great for holding say four parts down (they seem to come in sets of four) but for up to 30 parts of different patterns, the vacuum pods won;t work for me.