Video of machining Deer Scene Cribbage Board

(Andrew Pell) #1

Because I enjoy watching other peoples projects as much as making my own, I decided to try and make a video of the machining of one of mine. I’m no Winston Moy when it comes to videos, but I gave it my best effort.

I made a cribbage board based off cnc nuts layout and shape and the deer scene available at design and make.

if you are interested, here is the link:

Constructive criticism is welcomed. If this is received well, I will invest in a better microphone and a fixed mount for my camera… promise :slight_smile:


(John Terry) #2

Very nice, I like the detail,

(Gerald Perry) #3

Very nice. I am just a beginner with a new Shapeoko 3. Where would you get a hold of the files in order to get the relief for the background deer and scenery or did you develop it yourself. Nice work.

(William Adams) #4

I believe from here:

(Richard Weiss) #5

You have inspired me to forge ahead into new territory

That is my first attempt at 2.5 carving.

Thanks so much