What am I doing wrong that makes CC crash and burn?

(KSLE Pilot) #1

Every time that I pull up this file, it loads and when I try to “Show Simulation”, CC crashes. Is this the problem of the computer? The program? The file?

Every other file loads and shows the simulation. This file says, “Uh-uh! No way! Ain’t gonna do it!”

202 Maureen.c2d (1.3 MB)

(William Adams) #2

Crashes my machine too, and I couldn’t see anything wrong in the toolpaths. Trying to bring this to the attention of other folks on the team.

(KSLE Pilot) #3

Thanks @WillAdams for taking up the reins on that. So…it wasn’t just me. Glad to hear that but sad that I can’t finish the project. I finally have my bamboo for the project and it is calling my name.

(Patrick Andersen) #4

Opens OK on my Mac (OS 10.10.5), older version of CC though.

(KSLE Pilot) #5

@patonclover were you able to “Show Simulation”? The file loads fine, but crashes when it tries to simulate in Windows 10.

(William Adams) #6

I fiddled with it a bit deleting and re-creating the toolpaths with slightly different selections, and was able to get it to preview:

202 Maureen_revised.c2d (1.1 MB)

(Jose Prieto) #7

Opens good on my Mac (OS 10.13.3), all.

(KSLE Pilot) #8

What was I doing wrong @WillAdams?

(William Adams) #9

Not sure. Hopefully a developer will look into your file and puzzle out why CC can’t cope with it.

(KSLE Pilot) #10

I noticed that the mushrooms lost their detail and that the mounting holes were deleted. Is that what the problem was?

(Patrick Andersen) #11


The file loads fine, but crashes when it tries to simulate in Windows 10.

Loads OK on the Mac but doesn’t exactly crash, just doesn’t simulate.

(William Adams) #12

No, I misinterpreted what the mounting holes were for, and deleted part of the mushrooms to make selection easier — please experiment with toolpaths and see if you can puzzle out what specific arrangement of toolpaths causes the crash.

(KSLE Pilot) #13

@WillAdams it’s the mushroom detail. I added the screw holes back,saved, and simulated. No issues. I added the mushroom caps, saved and tried to simulate. Crash ‘n’ burn. I guess we found the problem. My question now is “Why?”