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(Patricio Suarez) #1

Ever since I got the bug to learn CNC I have been wanting to make a camera. Even though this is really only a simply made one, I am super happy with the tolerances of my Nomad and how I was able to mill all the parts needed. I am already working on v2 of this camera but might need to hire someone to mill the body for me. The z-depth on a Nomad is just too shallow for what I’d like to do.

(Phil Thien) #2

Very nice work.

Could you stack multiple pieces to get the body depth you’d like?

(Patricio Suarez) #3

I could but the more seams I have to deal with the chances of light getting in grows. Ideally I want a single piece body that is as light-tight as possible. Doing it in slices was the first thing I was going to try originally but then I moved to a single piece. I need the back and front to be aluminum because of it’s rigidity.

(William Adams) #4

Make the back and front out of thicker pieces and mill recesses into them for the interior?

(Patricio Suarez) #5

That is the way it is now. I discovered that aluminum reflects light too much for a simple recess. Light bounces off the inside corner and into the film. For the next version I want to minimize the chances of light getting in.

(Phil Gorsuch) #6

Thing of beauty. I too have chafed at the Z height of the Nomad and even (briefly) toyed with the idea of rebuild the Z like @MrBeaver has been doing for the S3 but the effort vs possible gain hasn’t motivated (yet)

It’s either do slices (maybe with tongue and groove and a soft rubber gasket?) or send it out. I know we all all rooting for an all Nomad project but sometimes you have to choose the best method over the tools on hand!

(Patricio Suarez) #7

Agree. I will price it out. Would love an all aluminum body. Already have v2 ready to see how much it will be.

(Joe Mulligan) #8

Is there any way to make this by machining from both sides using a flip jig or other means of alignment for the second side?

(Patricio Suarez) #9

Hey @MrJoe. The one I have now is already a double sided registered mill job. The v2 version is not possible because of the z depth of the part and my Nomad not being able to hold a bit long enough to go the full depth. It is merely a z height limitation because of the shape I want. It is mostly 3D milling.

(system) #10

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