What the... ? Spindle is moving?

(Bruce Johnson) #1

The spindle on my NOMADS 883 Pro is moving up and down!!! I was wondering why it wasn’t cutting correctly and when I went to change bits I noticed the the spindle moves up and down by quite a bit.

It seems as thought the spindle screw that clamps the spindle is really tight so is it the pulley? Does the pulley keep the spindle from falling down? That doesn’t seem right to me. I love the NOMAD but this is frustrating to say the least… screwed up a piece I was milling.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



(mikep) #2

The pulley doesn’t anchor the spindle, there’s a fair amount of space between the top of the clamp block and the bottom of the pulley. This isn’t right, talk to support, they can usually get things sorted out pretty quickly.

(Bruce Johnson) #3

Thanks for the info MikeP!

(William Adams) #4

Please drop us a line at support@carbide3d.com — send in a video if possible and we’ll get this sorted out as quickly as we can.

(Bruce Johnson) #5

Hello Will,

I already emailed support last night and attached a video, albeit a crappy one! LOL



(Bruce Johnson) #6


Well I received excellent response from the Carbide3D team and am in receipt of my new spindle to fix the problem I was having.

Now I am trying to install it and my question is, how do I remove the belt? Will it stretch over the spindle pulley or do I remove the spindle pulley or the motor pulley? I don’t want to break the belt as I don’t have a spare.

Thanks everyone!

(Bruce Johnson) #7


Please ignore my question, I found the answer in the forum.


(Bruce Johnson) #8

Ok, I had excellent service and installed the new spindle. It was working like a charm but today it started doing the exact same thing as the original spindle only it happened much faster this time. Once again, only cutting cast acrylic nothing heavy or abnormal.

I sent a new video and email to support of what was happening. Here it is for those of you who want to see it.


(William Adams) #9

Please contact us at support@carbide3d.com and we’ll have @Jorge look into this with you.

(Bruce Johnson) #10

Hello Will,

I already sent an email to them with the link to the video.

I will wait for their response,

Thanks again for the great service!


(Bruce Johnson) #11

Hello Will,

I still haven’t heard anything from support. I didn’t make the link public so perhaps that was an issue. I think I fixed it so people can view it.



(Phil Gorsuch) #12

That is disturbing to watch. The replacement going the same way is odd as well. Not sure if @JamesC has any insight as I believe he has been inside the spindle.

(Bruce Johnson) #13

Jorge is looking into it and is sending out another spindle this coming week so I am hopeful.

The only thing I can think of that I do different, is that I use my machine to “mill” tiny holes for rivets in my patterns. Since Carbide Create doesn’t have the ability to drill holes, I force it to mill the holes, For instance, I need to make a .50mm hole so I use a .45mm end mill and make the machine “mill” it. When you watch it perform the function, it makes small hammering type motions. One could liken it to jack hammer type motions. It works very well and I have no complaints about it. It is a way to get around the lack of drilling capability in Carbide Create.

I am wondering if that vibration/movement creating said holes might loosen something in the spindle? It shouldn’t but I am just trying to help trouble shoot it. However, I hardly have done any since the installation of my replacement spindle, so it makes me think that it might not be the culprit.

Regardless, I love my NOMADS 883 Pro!

(James Carter) #14

I know exactly what is happening!

The shaft is secured by a top bearing and a bottom bearing. Those should be press-fit into the housing, and onto the shaft. It looks like they are not fit correctly/tightly.

If it happened on a new one as well, I suspect something has happened at the factory to cause the bearing to not fit correctly. Someone poke the quality control guy. Maybe get him off the decaf… :slight_smile:

(Jerry Gray) #15

Shouldnt there be a jam nut on top that you can tighten to keep the bearings from coming out?
A press fit alone wouldnt be very reliable, since it wouldnt last.
It looks like theres a nut on top to keep it together? I dont have one tho, just that I tried to get away with building something similar, and after a while, the press fit loosened, and temperatures affect a press fit, too. it gets hot, and swells, and no more press fit.

(Bruce Johnson) #16

I find it strange it happened to me twice and I’m not a “heavy” user like some people. I have cut quite a bit with it but usually short cuts not long 10 hour jobs etc.

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