What the... ? Spindle is moving?

(Bruce Johnson) #1

The spindle on my NOMADS 883 Pro is moving up and down!!! I was wondering why it wasn’t cutting correctly and when I went to change bits I noticed the the spindle moves up and down by quite a bit.

It seems as thought the spindle screw that clamps the spindle is really tight so is it the pulley? Does the pulley keep the spindle from falling down? That doesn’t seem right to me. I love the NOMAD but this is frustrating to say the least… screwed up a piece I was milling.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



(mikep) #2

The pulley doesn’t anchor the spindle, there’s a fair amount of space between the top of the clamp block and the bottom of the pulley. This isn’t right, talk to support, they can usually get things sorted out pretty quickly.

(Bruce Johnson) #3

Thanks for the info MikeP!

(William Adams) #4

Please drop us a line at support@carbide3d.com — send in a video if possible and we’ll get this sorted out as quickly as we can.

(Bruce Johnson) #5

Hello Will,

I already emailed support last night and attached a video, albeit a crappy one! LOL



(Bruce Johnson) #6


Well I received excellent response from the Carbide3D team and am in receipt of my new spindle to fix the problem I was having.

Now I am trying to install it and my question is, how do I remove the belt? Will it stretch over the spindle pulley or do I remove the spindle pulley or the motor pulley? I don’t want to break the belt as I don’t have a spare.

Thanks everyone!

(Bruce Johnson) #7


Please ignore my question, I found the answer in the forum.