What would ya say, ya do here?

(Adam X) #1

Completely random question, but I’m curious: What professional backgrounds are represented here?

I’m a consultant for a software company, long time furniture builder and carpenter. What do YOU do?

(Patricio Suarez) #2

Hey @Adam_Xett. Good question. I’m a Director of Photography in the film industry and would love to make furniture. I bought my Nomad to learn CNC and get my feet wet. Already craving milling a full sheet of plywood.

(Stephen Gullage) #3

Currently, I work in child protection as a financial assessment officer. Previously I worked as a property accountant for a hotel chain, a tech support supervisor for a telecom, a business manager for a native government, a hotel/bar manager, a technical administrator for a construction company, a store manager for a retailer in Canada’s north, a research analyst for a tech consulting firm, and a computer support consultant for a university. I studied engineering and computer science in university, and went to college for business administration. Mostly I love technology and making things, even if my skill set is not where I would like it to be. I’m buying an XXL in the new year to combine those two loves, once my new shop is complete.

Edit: I wish I had two likes to give, one for the question, one for the Office Space reference.

(barthelemy bach) #4

I am architect, working in Caribbean .

(William Adams) #5

Graphic designer/typographer — prefer to work in (La)TeX, but lately it’s been a lot of S.T.E.M. — mostly in InDesign, usually using XML, possibly w/ various Applescripts and so forth which I’ve worked up to make things go faster.

(Jared Hooper) #6

I have a one man (me) sign making business on a small island (population 5,000) on the West coast of BC, Canada. Been doing that for 26 years. I have the SO3, an Emblaser 1 laser cutter/engraver and a Graphtec plotter for vinyl cutting.

(Dan Nelson) #7

I’m currently working as a mechanical engineer at a company that does aircraft seats, prior to that I was the Prototyping Supervisor at same company. Previous employment was varied, aircraft structures mechanic in the military, sold Persian rugs for awhile, worked at a bike shop, got my A&P license in 1997 and worked as an aircraft mechanic for about 4 years prior to working in software engineering…as my old boss would say, I’m an “Allarounder”. I have always loved building, making, flying RC gliders, planes, helicopters and doing woodwork, when I took my current desk job 8 years ago I would literally “ache” about being back in my shop even though I love my current job too. Bought a new house last February and have slowly transformed the “Garage” into “The Shop”. Built a shed to hold garage stuff, and the only thing that shares space with my “shop” is a 2014 Triumph Street Triple motorcycle, everything else is materials or tools. The XXL was the best “tool” I’ve added and I’ve never regretted the purchase, great product!


(Jeff Wimer ) #8

I am a logger by trade. I teach in the College of Forestry at Oregon State. We have a logging operation where I teach students all of the jobs in the industry.

(Carl Hilinski) #9

I am a Unix systems administrator for Penn State’s College of Medicine Public Health Sciences Department in Hershey. I work with faculty, researchers, analysts, statisticians, Prior to this I worked in newspapers for 35 years.

(Phil Gorsuch) #10

Excellent topic! Electronic engineer doing wireless R&D and product development. Nomad actually rather useful for this.

(KSLE Pilot) #11

Disabled/retired Trauma Tech, and Trainer & didactic and practicum developer for a Fortune 500 company - who wants to feel like he’s still alive and making things.

(Luke) #12

I work in sales for financial services software, it pays the bills but my passion lies with building, fixing and making things work better.


Trained as an EE (today would be comp E) specializing in semiconductor design/fab back when it was wet chemistry. Before that, I spent high school in the shop. Last 25 years I’ve been teaching introductory level engineering as the day job (computer science and CAD primarily), and working a variety of things on the side including welding, machining, and safety, the last ten years or so primarily for a company that specializes in commercial ships and steam plants/pressure vessels (shipboard). Since I bought it to support my hobbies, my Nomad is one of few tools I have ever bought I don’t expect to ever pay itself off directly, but it has actually gone part way there.

(Anthony Waltz) #14

I’m a Designer at a nuclear power plant. Woodworking and electronics (arduino, etc.) are my hobbies.

(Dennis Jordan) #15

I am a Controls Technician for a large food company.

(Dustin S Tilton) #16

I am a Telecom Engineer for a large financial services company. We keep the phones ringing and the calls flowing at all our office and call center locations.

(Evan Day) #17

Career Marine officer, which is why this is only a hobby for me for the foreseeable future. I only have time to work sporadically on the occasional night and weekend. But I do love the process: The feeling of taking an idea, modeling / designing it, creating the toolpaths, and then watching my SO3 go to work, all to make a finished product. I think I like the process almost better than the actual end product.

(Joseph Hinton) #18

I’m a Commercial Credit Officer at a CA based bank, meaning I work with the 1 Million and up loans and commercial businesses/properties.

Hobbyist by night and have always been into tinkering and building little things, so I purchased my Nomad :slight_smile:

(Stephen Gullage) #19

I would love to figure out how to mill a replica of the skywalker X8 flying wing, and install an ArduPilot in it. I just have no idea where to begin.

(Jose Prieto) #20

I am an architect, I work with software of third dimension for more than 20 years and I manufacture clean spaces of energetic contaminants, I am in computers more than 35 years, my first computer was a Mac 128K, MacDraft was the first 2D software that we use in architecture in Colombia . I currently research and manufacture field technology and use my S3 for the fabrication of metal parts which I use in my developments.
I am a user of CERN, NASA, Quantum Physics, Resistance of Materials always focused on the minimum particles.