Wireless remote jog control for $18 - 1 minute install

(Darren) #21

+20yrs in IT, and I can’t believe I didn’t already think of this ridiculously simple life hack… My wife’s gonna hate me for ordering yet more stuff for “my stupid hobbies”, but I’m just gonna keep blaming you guys…

(Luke) #22

What a great idea. I have bought one. Now I can put my laptop on the wall opposite.

(Dan Nelson) #23

Don’t blame any stupid hobbies on me, my wife already has filled my “Hobby Blame Bank” to the top! I have 2 3D printers, the SO3XXL, only one motorcycle (down from 3 last year), tons of RC airplanes and RC helicopters, a bunch of guitars, drums, recording “stuff” and as they said on Fast Times at Ridgemont High, I have a killer set of tools!!! Besides, if you read my previous post my 10key wireless isn’t working correctly after the last big software update, so you may have been better off buying a new end mill or two, haha!!!


(Darren) #24

My 'shop. My Shapeoko is in the far right corner:

Still blaming you guys. :wink:

(Dan Nelson) #25

Ok, you win, much more cool “Stupid Hobby Stuff” than me. I would love to have that much space, I just bought a new house which I haven’t moved into yet, but it only has a standard 2 car garage. My wife won’t allow me to park my motorcycle in the formal dining room, which I totally don’t understand because it would leave more room in the garage for my stupid hobby stuff, but some wives just don’t understand stupid hobby logic I guess :cry: She has agreed that I can build a shed in the backyard, but it will be for yard tools only, but that will leave some extra room in the garage I s’pose, haha!


(Tony) #26

You need me to design you a vertical storage system for your ATV’s! You could probably get three of them vertically along the centerline of the room. That would make room for a lot more CNC equipment :wink:

SO3 XXL Enclosure Upgrades - computer shelf, control panel labels, gas springs
(Darren) #27

Hah! I need to blame you… not request your help in enabling me further! :stuck_out_tongue:

(Tony) #28

You are already in the web… resistance is futile. Just place your order for the ATV stacking elevator and be done with it! :wink:

(Kris Van) #29

Just curious if the issues with the wireless keypad were ever resolved? Would love to integrate this into my setup.

(Dan Nelson) #30

Mine is back to working with the latest CM4 release.


(Kris Van) #31

Nice, just ordered one. Thanks!

(Kris Van) #32

For mac users, took a workaround to get it fully functional. Apparently OS X doesn’t recognize the num lock anymore. Used to be the clear button, but don’t have that on my laptop keyboard. Install an app called Karabiner, follow the instructions at the bottom at this page: