Working with images

(Nestor ) #1

Hi everyone!! According to what I
Know, carbide Create can only import images in .svg and .dxf formats. Right? If so, how can I transform other images in a different format to a readable
Format for Carbide Create? I hope anybody here can help me. Thanks!

(William Adams) #2

Carbide Create can import pixel images and place them on a background layer for reference / re-drawing as noted at:

Some folks will use an auto-trace program such as: Discussion:

Opensource tracing: — web interface:

Webservice for tracing:

To directly work with pixel images you will need a CAM program which does that. MeshCAM (bundled w/ the Nomad) is one commercial option. The community lists a number of opensource options at:

(Owen Protheroe) #3

The way you use a raster image will depend on what the content is.

At a basic level, a silhouette for a design can be traced to a vector format. I use Inkscape, for the additional tools it provides.

If you want a grey-scale image to be used for controlling the depth of cut, you will want to use MeshCAM, as will says.

Having said that, if you have an image with say, just 4 shades of grey defining 4 depths of cut, I would trace it to a vector format, so that you get better control of the toolpaths.

(Nestor ) #4

Thanks for your advise

(Loren Baric) #5

Here’s a link to a site where you can convert .jpg files to a .svg file to import into Carbide Create. I tried a few and it works pretty well and is free.