Works in progress

(tom burtonwood) #1

Posting some of the things i’m working on. Milling pink foam, using RhinoCAM to generate my toolpaths. 1/4" ball nose. these pieces are not flip milled but i have others that are. i’ll post some more images later in the month as this particular sculpture / installation gets close to the finish line. the surfaces are from a 3D scan of a house that i did using Photoscan - which is my main workflow for generating scans right now. I’ll be milling other elements of this house and multi part pieces.

(Tito) #2

How do you feel about RhinoCAM vs say MeshCAM? And I’m intrigued about what you’re doing with scanned parts of a house… hmmmm. Looking forward to seeing it.

(tom burtonwood) #3

RhinoCAM gives you more control than MeshCAM and can work from CAD generated in Rhino. I like both of them - but I use RhinoCAM pretty much 100% of the time. i have MeshCAM mostly as a backup.