Y-Axis stepping adjustment help

(Stephen Taylor) #1

Hey guys and gals,

Was running a leveling project on my wasteboard and noticed that on the Y-axis I have very subtle “bumps” running the length of the board. Fixing x and z seem pretty easy, but not sure how to go about fixing the Y. Would like this thing to be as flat as possible.

Any tips? Thanks!

(William Adams) #2

Such problems can be caused by a couple of things:

(Stephen Taylor) #3

You are the man! Thanks alot

It’s def the spindle. Threw my square on it last night and there is a small gap on the left and right. Just wasn’t sure how to correct that. I’d have to loosen the whole machine again? Or is there something on the spindle that I can loosen to correct this?

(Griff Carpenter) #4

Check this out: https://youtu.be/P4VverLXpCI

(Stephen Taylor) #5

Definitely have watched that one. I dont seem to have much play on the right side gantry to fix the ridge. Im not sure how else I could do it.

(Stephen Taylor) #6

Definitely the spindle mount…

(Dan Nelson) #7

Check your Z axis wheel eccentrics first. You can throw the z axis out of plumb with improperly adjusted v wheels.


(Stephen Taylor) #8

After I took everything apart I thought of that. lol, everything is level now. If it comes off again that will be the first thing I go for.

Ended up drilling out the top of the hole on the mount a little and threw some loctite on it and hopefully that’s it. Well see.

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