Zrn coated cutter in europe? (Similar to those on Carbide3d)

(Morten Dahl) #1

Hi :slight_smile:

I can see that a lot of you guys, like the Zrn cutters from Carbide3d for cutting aluminum.

These cutters:

To buy them in the US, would get to expensive due to the 60$ shipping fee, 24$ tax handling fee + taxes!
Is there a place to buy cutters similar to those within europe or in China with cheaper/free shipping?

Im looking for cutters in 3.175 (1/8) and 6mm.

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(William Adams) #2

I used Harvey manufacturing’s find a local distributor feature to find a local shop which distributes endmills to local machine shops — might be you could do the same.

We have tried to gather a list of sources for endmills in Europe:


(Morten Dahl) #3

Thanks Will

Zrn cutters are not easy to find!