1.25in facing mill burning Cherry on 2d pocket operation

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I’m trying to dial in the speeds and feeds for a 1.25in facing mill with 3 flutes. The operation involves cutting 3inch square pockets into cherry that are .14in deep. the helix ramp feed rate was set down to 15ipm but that was creating burn marks on the surface. I’ve sped up to 30ipm but I’m still getting some burning. The dewalt router is turned all the way down to it’s lowest setting. I’m a little worried to increase the ramp speed again, but let me know what you think.


Cherry is easy to burn because the wood is full of resin. There are pockets of dark resin visible on flat sawn Cherry. A very sharp tool helps but Cherry is very hard to keep from burning. The faster you run in Cherry the better because it does not give the wood time to heat up and burn.

Cherry is beautiful but easy to burn.


Yep! Higher spindle speeds enable higher feeds rates, so turn the router speed up to the maximum recommended for you endmill and crank up the feed rate.

30IPM may be a lot slower than you think. I usually surface maple at 60IPM with a .030" DOC. Sometimes speeding that up to 80IPM. Just something to think about. Also, maybe use a ramp lead-in instead of a helix?

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Agree with all posters above, and to say you’ve inadvertently compounded the problem with the helix. Then you slowed down in it. What you did was keep the bit in one area for longer.

Burning happens in any wood if your cutting tip stays in one spot. The solution is to get that spot away from the cutter (or vice versa) before it gets hot enough to burn. Like Guy says, cherry is tough in that regard.

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