1/4 Freud V Groove F&S

For the life of me, I have tried the math, tried the research, but I’m beat! I’m looking for the feed and speed for Freuds 1/4” 90deg v groove bit. Thanks guys!

I have used the Frued 20-104 90 Degree Vee Bit as a #301 bit in Oak, Cherry, Plywood and several species with great results. I just used the default F&S in CC 4.64.

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One concern on doing this is that the #301 is defined to have a 1/2" cutting depth, and this could reach too deep.

So change the cutting depth, but keep the rest?

The width is the significant specification, since it determines how wide (and deep) CC will allow the tool to cut.

I do not see any difference in specs of the Frued and the 301. Both are half inch wide.

I can see that the Frued has less carbide at the 1/2 inch mark but if you are vcarving that deep maybe you should be using another tool anyway. I think the Frued could cut just as deep as the 301 but I dont want to vcarve 1/2 inch deep any way.

I’ve been using a similar bit with 17000rpm and about 1300mm/min at a cut depth of 1.5 mm in hard wood. The results are satisfying to me, though, I always do the same pass twice for a better finish.

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