1 Y motor needs to be reversed

This is my first and only experience in the world of CNC. My first machine is the XXL Pro. I just completed my build last night. Went to initialize my machine and both y stepper motors are turning in the same direction (Both turning clockwise or counterclockwise) causing my machine to try to twist the X. I tried to switch the “y” wires at the controller and that just switches both motors to run the same direction in reverse, still causing my X to try to be twisted. There are clips on the ends of all the connections so just turning over and plugging it in is not an option. Anyone have any suggestions?


Please contact support@carbide3d.com — we’ll need to figure out what needs to be swapped out.

Standard or Pro?
On the standard, it’s pretty easy to swap wires within the connector. Just use a small screwdriver to press the crimped connector. On the motor that needs to be reversed, remove and swap ONE coil pair (A1/A2). If you swap both (A1/A2 AND B1/B2), you’ll be back in the same position.

You’d need a pin removal tool on the Pro, so I’d defer to support if you have the Pro.

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Yes, it is a pro model. Seems as though there would be a way to swap the wires with some sort of adapter clip. Thanks for your response.

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If you’re going to make an adapter, you might as well just buy the pin removal tool. You can get a cheap one that’ll last you long enough to do the swap.
Because it’s a shiny new Pro (moved to Pro category), I’d wait to see what support says. They’ll take care of you.

Unfortunately, as @neilferreri noted, specialized tooling is required for the connectors used on the Pro — we’ll gladly send you whatever is necessary to get things working as they ought, just let us know.

Thank you. I have an email thread going and I did receive a phone call late last night and I do appreciate the help. After the phone call, I did some more troubleshooting and figured out what was happening. I just figured I would pick some brains as I was on the east coast and know we are 3 hours apart on the clock. I am waiting to hear back from the latest email I sent.

Thank you.

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