10 piece inlay test! (SOLVED)

So, since I got my machine my plan was to build a table for my self. As I planned it and tuned the machine it got more complex each time :sweat: Finally I got it to where I was happen with the plan.
The plan: Use (5) different types of wood including the base wood for the table and do as many inlays as it took to work my fairly plain Jane logo to something …more!
The table will be mahogany, then the inlay will consist of purpleheart, maple, wenge and I’m thinking Ebony for the calipers.

I had to outline it in blue because of it all being made out of MDF. I then took a black sharpie and traced in-between the inlays where they touch each other. Ray


LOL there was nothing to solve, I just always wanted to write that.


That looks great! It looks like you have some points in there, so did you use v bits to do the inlay? I would like to try that sometime soon but need to figure out how to make it happen.

TY. The only place I used a V-bit was the letters and I will be filling them with a tinted epoxy. Ray

Fantastic! Nice job.
What font did you V-carve?

TY. Font was “wide latin” Letters are 2 1/4" tall x 3, 3 1/2" wide. Ray

Looks beautiful! What program did you use for the inlay? I haven’t had much success with inlays.

TY. I use v-carve pro (an older edition) I like it and I think it works really well all around. I will be upgrading to the newest version of Aspire so I can also start 3d modelling. Ray

Looks really nice. Did you do one inlay at a time, cutting the next part into the previous inlay, or did you cut the outline and all the pieces at once and assemble them like a puzzle?

TY. Yes, 1 piece at a time. I think I’ve got the machine figured out enough, I would be comfortable cutting out the whole outline.


Finished product is exceptional, Ray! The epoxy fill also looks great.

Agreed! It turned out great! Do you mind elaborating on your epoxy fill process? I was thinking of trying an epoxy filling, but wasn’t sure if I needed to seal the wood, how much to overfill, etc.

Ty all.
on the epoxy fill I didn’t seal my wood but should have. I used a strong liquid pigment to color my epoxy and it stained it ever so slightly in spots because oh by the way I over filled alot and just sanded down after.
Seal it with de waxed shellac (bullseye sealer) and you’ll be fine.

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