#102 1/8" depth per pass inquiry

Having fun with this and looking to tweek a bit.
I have some ‘soft wood’ plywood that i just finished my first cutting on. Everything went well however it was a long time. I was hoping to shorten the run time. I notice in the ‘edit tool’ there is a tab for ‘depth per pass’ and it is set at 0.050. Would i be able to set this deeper and to what extent for this bit (again its ‘soft wood’ 3/4" plywwod).
Thanks for your time

You can increase the depth per pass, you can increase the speed (IPM), you can do both or some of both. The bit listed in CC have settings that will help you prevent problems. With experimentation and a little bit of research you can dial it in better.

In CM you can increase the percentage or decrease. It is a learning game. Listening to your bit as it cuts will give you an idea. Going deeper creates drag on the bit increasing heat. .05 is a nice conservative cut. In CM as you increase feed you will notice the time to completion reduce. Listen to thee bit, listen to the machine to see if you think it is struggling.

Sorry I do not have the links available for learning speeds and feeds to give you right now. Maybe someone will chime in.

Good Luck

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Definitely helps me thank you. Ill have to start my own little book of references and charts for what i get into most.

Here is a link to get you started. It is part of the A-Z document.


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