2 more projects - baby rattles

Cherry hardwood; cut 2 pieces and glued them together: cut a 0.3" pocket in each to put the steel bbs into.

Used Easel; 40ipm feed rate, .05" depth per pass.

Added a little touch to the whale with my wood burning pen :smile:


What neat rattles, Darren. That is a nice business your wife has, and your informative blog posts show you are putting a lot of thought and research into keeping the little ones safe as well as entertained.

Are you butt-gluing the halves together, or are you making recesses and ribs to key them?

With CNC such details are almost free in that they don’t add a lot to the design or machining time.

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@Randy thanks! And I actually haven’t been cutting any slots or grooves - just lining up the pieces and clamping. I was actually thinking about boring out small holes and using dowels on the inside which would (I think) provide a little more clamping power.

But I like the idea you posted - I’m going to try that :smile: