2 sided project Fail

I did a test part today for 2 sided. I read up on all the techniques and i tried the 2 pin method and Fusion 360

  1. Drilled 2 holes 6" Apart along x axis.
  2. Placed Stock over the drilled holes.
  3. Set new XYZ (XYZ is in the middle of stock for all operations)
  4. Operation 1 Drill 2 holes 6" apart along x axis, Performed a couple other operations and a partial contour.
  5. Flipped part placed wood dowels into holes and secured
  6. Reset only z
    7, Preformed contour to cut out part, appeared to be about .06" off

The problem is that using the center for origin results in any error being doubled — better to use a corner

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I think I missed something, why are you rezeroing X/Y/Z after you place your stock? You should only rezero Z and drill the exact same 2 holes, flip the piece over and align with pins and drill the exact same two holes(don’t go so deep that you hit the pins). Do the rest of your side 1 machining, flip and do side 2. If you do that you should be spot on every time. I’ve done a few of these this way using ground steel pins and tight fitting holes and it doesn’t shift unless I do something wrong.



i want to reuse those holes for future projects and i may have recentered for other projects.
maybe i should just use the rapid position in the center of board for so i can get back or save my coordinates.
do you always drill new holes if your zero has been reset?

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I use the rapid position points as origins as often as I can, and re-use fixtures and so forth when I can.

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