20 degree v bit (upcut?)

I’m cutting straight lines in King Color Core with a 20 degree v bit because I’m trying to have thin crisp lines and numbers for a fish measuring Board. The issue is, I need to scrape the material that’s being left in. Is there a bit anyone can recommend to help solve this issue. I do have a duplicate path that cuts to help but all it does is loosens the material left.

Thank you for the help in advance.

Check w/ one of the specialty endmill manufacturers such as Harvey and see if they have a tool suited to this material?

I use 20-degree bits as well. I find a second pass usually does the trick on hardwood. On pine I do the second pass and use a nylon bristle brush or toothbrush to remove the little fuzzies then lightly sand the surface.


I have struggled with cutting that material as well. I had better luck with a single fluted bit, however you could experiment with increasing the feed rate on your current bit. It’s possible the bit is cutting but the plastic is (re)melting back in other words it got to hot.


You are trying to cut some thin lines. This may not help but I bought a 60 degree down cut vee bit called the Groovee Jenny. That bit is a down cut and cuts very smooth. I have cut pine with it notorious for leaving fuzzies behind it it worked fantastic.

Here is an example of the 60 degree vee bit in pine that was not sanded at all.

You can see that the cross grain is smooth with no fuzzies.

You might just run it again if it is fuzzy to clean out more of the fuzz. @ColdCoffee suggested a single flute bit. You might try that if you have the situation again for another project.


I can also recommend the Kyocera bits sold by drillman1 on Ebay:

Very sharp and cuts clean in everything I’ve used them on. The bits you’re using look like the cutting edge is straight. The Kyocera is curved and has a sharp edge like a regular endmill.

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Very interesting on the GrooVee Jenny: “The GrooVee Jenny is truly one of a kind! World’s 1st Down-shear Vbit.” Pricey, but I may need to get one for the bit box - thanks for the tip @gdon_2003 !

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