201 Bit Broke - How should I adjust my settings

So I broke my first bit - 201 End Mill that comes with the Shapeoko Pro. I was cutting a contour around 3/4" Poplar. It made 2 of the 6 passes beautifully and had cut out some pockets.

Question: What adjustment should I be making to the feeds & Speeds next time?

This is very surprising. Your feeds and speeds and depth per pass are completely fine, they should not break a 1/4" endmill, by a very long shot…I would say contact support@carbide3d.com and see what they think/can do.

Can you share a picture?
Any chance you hit a clamp?
What router? Speed?

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Were you cutting as a slot just as narrow as the endmill? That results in 100% tooling engagement and is difficult for the machine to do.

Add geometry and cut as a pocket down to at least tab depth:

That is quite surprising… I have run just as aggressive if not more on a non-xxl with the same bit. Slotting or profiling like that does load up the cutter more but 0.125” depth is quite acceptable.

Do you have just collection and was there any chips left in the slot when the bit broke? Recutting chips can add a lot mor heat and/or load

Was the wood wet or green?

Can you see any thing in the wood that may have contributed? Nails, a knot in the wood?

Thanks everyone for the quick replies…I spent some more time looking at the bit and think it might be my user error. I’m going to try it again and see what was going wrong. Helpful to have the quick feedback to make sure this new user was in the right path

Love this community