220 volts dewalt shapeoko xxl

Hi there! I’m from Romania, Europe and I wat to buy a Shapeoko Xxl. The output here is 220v. I know that compatible here is Dewalt d26200. What else shoud I be doing/buying for 220 v? Is there a tutorial or something except t the faq/s on the carbide3d.com that I already read about. And olso… I understand that carbide spindle is not compatible so i don t need to buy it? Thanks


Hi @AlissFlo,

You got that right: you should order the kit without the router, selecting either “No router - Sweepy 65mm v2” if you intend to purchase a 220V Makita RT0700C router locally, or the “No router - Sweepy 69mm” if you decide to purchase the 220V Dewalt D26200 instead.

My advice would be to go with the Makita, if only to get the v2 of the Sweepy dust shoe (the 69mm is coming soon, but not available yet, so you would get the v1), and because the Makita RT0700C is essentially identical to the “Carbide Compact Router”, and is easily sourced in Europe.

You don’t need anything else, maybe just a US/Europe plug adapter for the power supply.

You will find that there’s more to using a CNC than just buying the machine (you will eventually have to consider dust collection, noise, accessories to make your CNC life easier, etc…) but everyone started with just the kit, and you can absolutely successfully cut pieces like that. A proper dust collection system is the next item in the list (that’s true for any CNC, not specific to the Shapeoko), you will get the Sweepy dust shoe with the machine which is great, and then I would recommend you already buy a cyclone dust separator to hook up between the machine and your shopvac.

In case you want to get a feel about the SHapeoko/CNC workflow and the environment (hardware and software) around the machine, there’s a free ebook you can browse:


Don’t hesitate to ask any and all questions you may have, the folks here are always willing to help out newcomers.


Thank you so much for informations and the advice. I will be taking them into consideration. And I will be definitively be asking for more questions since I m very new to this and trying to put things together



Ask away, most folks started with a pile of boxes wondering what to do next :wink:


Aren’t we all! :joy:

I second this, we see from time to time Dewalt routers with bearing issues.


Adding another voice to this.
Customer service at dewalt used the covid reason of no reply and poor service.
The dewalt router now sits on a shelf waiting for the next yard sale…

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I agree, but for a different reason - I really like my Makita!


Thank you, I decided to go with Makita. But wondering if I should have ordered a reductor for the router or it will fit just fine? I already made an order for shapeoko xxl no router sweepy 65 mm v2

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The stock mount is 69mm, but we include a 65mm spindle adapter ring.

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