3/4” Bowl Bit Issue

Hi Will,

To follow up to my question, I tried your suggestion but it didn’t seem to help any. The strange thing is, that I just noticed actually, is that the little uneven ridges are occurring only on the top left and bottom right corners of the pocket. Any idea why this would be?


Directional problems like that usually come down to climb vs. conventional milling:


It may be that you’ll need to run the finishing pass in the opposite direction, or possibly even both directions.

I didn’t realize you could control the direction of the toolpath in Carbide Create?

[edit] is there a way to run a pocket/inside-left offset path counter clockwise?

To control direction you’ll need to add geometry and fake the program out with an outside path which is actually an inside one.

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Yeah I figured that would be the case.

But I’m stumped as to fix the below issue now.
The first picture shows my pocket toolpath, running clockwise.
The second picture shows my outside-right toolpath which is inset .75”, the same diameter as my bowl bit.
But as you can see, there is a small amount of material in the corners that won’t be reached by the second toolpath.
Any ideas?

The direction of the path shouldn’t change how much material is left uncut.

Then maybe my geometry is wrong? I’m not quite sure how else to trick the machine into reversing the direction of the toolpath.

Can you tell what I mean from the two images. You can see the second one doesn’t cut the same amount of material as the first one. First is pocket, second is outside right

The second path is rounded — either redraw it or add some geometry and use a Boolean to make things match up.

When would an outside-right path not be rounded though?

I feel like this is super simple but I’m just missing something. I just need a finishing pass to run counter clockwise that matches the outside oath of my pocket.

Try drawing a rectangle of the correct size / position — that should work.

I think there might be some confusion here.

First picture is a pocket of the larger rectangle. This is the area I want my pocket to be.

Second picture is an outside right offset of the smaller rectangle in the center, thus creating the finishing pass going counter clockwise. The issue is that this path does not cover the same area as the first path.

I cannot make the smaller rectangle any larger as it will cause the outside right path to exceed the area of the pocket rectangle.

Would it be easier to send my .c2d file?

Yes, please post or send that and we’ll try to work through this with you.

Ok great. Toolpath 1 is my pocket, Toolpath 2 is (what I want to be) my finishing pass going counter-clockwise.

test.c2d (5.6 KB)


The outside path is different, since it’s trying to describe an optimal path around the corner.

Instead you’ll have to manually draw in the necessary shape in the correct direction — I believe I got it right in the attached.

test_no_offset.c2d (9.9 KB)

I believe I tried this already - the issue with the no-offset toolpath is that is runs in the same direction as the pocket toolpath, clockwise, right?

Is there anyway to tell the machine to cut the no offset path counterclockwise?

The No offset toolpath should run in the direction it was drawn — I drew that one by hand, so it out to be correct. If not, mirror it horizontally.

Ahh okay! Thank you. I did not know that - will try to cut tonight. Appreciate the help, Will!

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