3D camera for stl capture?

The new Apple iPad Pro coming out in March (probably) is rumored to have a 3 lens time-of-flight 3D camera.

What will it take to generate either a height map or even an STL file from the image I wonder?

This could be an affordable game changer for 3D CNC or 3D printing especially if other devices incorporate similar camera technology it somewhat affordable prices.

Anyone have any insights on this?

actually there’s a ton of software already that can take a series of 2D pictures and turn that into an STL

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1D0EhSi-vvc for a tutorial

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Yes indeed - but this is fundamentally 3D technology so it could give better results than converting from 2d pictures?

Point clouds are a pain — they’re not really editable, and if high enough resolution for details, are huge in filesize.

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so far I’ve been pretty lucky turning upto 160Mb (3.2 million vertices) into gcode…
not sure if these would go way above that

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