3d carving help needed!

Hey folks,so ive been doing 2d for a couple years on an XXL 3,i have my new 5pro set up and on the trial of CCpro, i cant seem to get this, I open with my setting as .75 thick stock and in this case 16x16inch wood.
I open CCpro and make a square of 15.75 x 15.75, I go into modeling and make a component of it at .75 thick.
i import a PNG (ive tried many different ones with same results)from my folder, i size it to fit and keep trying simulate until it looks good,in this case .200 , I make it as a component and APPLY everything.
I go to tool paths and the .75 stock shows up but the PNG is red ?? any more help on this and next steps would be greatly appreciated
Thank you

I am trying 3D for the first time right now.

I changed the base height setting in CC to be the thickness of my material minus the thickness of the 3D element. Not sure if that is the best way but the simulation worked and it is cutting right now.

The red basically means it is out of bounds with respect to the stock.

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wow,ok that really helps on the RED issue, but any idea why most PNG and SVG files i down load or convert dont even show up iin my folders when i look to import an image in modeling section ?
Thank you very much

Do you have geometry selected?

Note that you can only import pixel images using Import Image:

SVG files can only be opened, or imported:

My first 3D attempt finished.
I used an Amana 1/8 tapered ball nose for the roughing pass and an Amana 1/16 tapered ball nose for the finish pass.

Rough pass was about 25 minutes and finish pass was about 85 with a .003 stepover. This piece is 4x6. Doing 15.75 square would take forever. I was running a very low 34-40 IPM though. I broke a bit yesterday on a different job and didn’t want a repeat.

This was right off the tool:

This was after some minor sanding with a wheel on a rotary tool and then easing the edges.

I am pretty happy with my first 3D job and more importantly so is my daughter. I will put some finish on it later.

In a post from @fenrus there was a comment about running a second finishing pass at a different angle. I thought about that but couldn’t take the idea of another 85 minutes.

Is there any value in one finishing pass with a larger stepover and then a cleanup pad with a smaller one?


Totally jealous (LOL), that looks great !
I cant find "geometry " where is that and what does it do ?
what file type was the horse and in what section did you bring in or import it ?
Also how did you find the horse ,ie google images ,etsy, etc…? sorry to ask so much but this is gettting frustrating
Thank you again

People love horses. It invokes the free spirit running endless through a field.

The horse was an STL file I bought for $5 from Etsy. I imported the STL on the model page and then went to the design page and drew a rectangle around it. When I imported the STL it came with a rectangle but it had some weird artifacts that caused a really deep plunge in the top left corner so I deleted that one one used my own. I had to turn off snap to grid to get it lined up the way I wanted.

Geometry is any geometric element in the program, a circle, rectangle/square, polygon, polyline, or curve.

My daughter is into horses, lessons and shows. There is nothing free about them other than the spirit.


You will get a kick out of this story. A friend of mine lives in Mexia, TX. His daughter in-law has always riden horses since a child and had one stabled in Houston. My friend lives about 3 hours from Houston where the daughter in-law lives. She asked him to keep her horse at his place and he replied yes but that is a long drive every day to feed and water the horse. She declined his offer. I have been around cattle and horses all my life. They require a lot of attention and MONEY. The old joke about how to be a millionaire in the cattle business is start with 10 Million and you soon get down to 1 Million.

I recently went on a mesquite cutting trip to North Texas to the largest continuous ranch in the US. The Waggoner Ranch is not the largest ranch but the largest ranch all in one continuous area. They primarily raise working horses to sell. There were a lot of beautiful horses there in stalls and in the pasture. It is a lot of fun just watching the ponies run around without a care in the world.

Lately I am doing only 1 pass, but I make sure that it is orthogonal to the grain
(I find that I get much cleaner cuts, far less stringing than if I cut in the direction of the grain)
With that Ive not had the need for another pass to clean things up

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This one was 90 to the grain.

Yes they are beautiful and she has a ton of fun. 11 years old and at the barn at least 3 days a week. We lease a pony now but may buy one before long. She has a great instructor and is learning a lot.

I was thinking yesterday that the more she is into horses the less time she will have for boys when she gets older so maybe it’s a good investment.

I got 3 coats of shellac on that 3D carving. Super happy for my first attempt. Makes me want to do more and maybe get a 1/32 TBN but that toolpath time on this would kill me without rest machining or limiting it to just a contour around the horse maybe.

@chipworx did you ever get anywhere?


Things that are worth doing take time, money and energy. There are free things that are worth while but for a CNC the more complicated the longer it takes.

Nice work. Along the horse theme when my 29 year old grandson was about 10 we took a horse ride in the Sam Houston National forest. It was a guided tour and the tour furnished the horses. We met them at the entrance. I snapped a picture of my grandson on horse back and made a scroll saw of a horse looking over a fence and placed the picture at the bottom framed up. He still has the picture in the living room. Some of the things you will make will last a life time for someone else so a few hours now will equal out to seconds over the life span of your work.


stock needs to be thicker.

Actually the stock was plenty thick, it’s close to an inch. However, as I indicated it was my first attempt at 3D and I didn’t know what to expect and didn’t want a job that was going to take too long.

The carving is only .2 deep and given the settings I used it took over 2 hours to complete. I expect that I could double the depth and it would only increase the roughing pass time a little so I may try that on another run.

My daughter loves it anyway and she was my target audience.

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Well you arent going to like it, but yes multiple finish passes are worth it. Also, you will need to play with the height of the file as it makes a huge difference in the quality.

here are a couple pieces I did. the Seabee warfare device was just done recently. you need to do a roughing pass, a finish pass, and then I like to do a 90 degree finish pass. also with both finish passes you need to select a step over that is no more then 15% of the bit you use otherwise it leaves lines you will need to sand out.


wow very impressive, what kind of wood is that.
would you happen to know if the live training is happening today and where i can find it?