3D Finish Strange Results

So apparently I DON"T need to tighten it was firmly as the 1/4". Glad to hear that. Not sure to get my torque wrench to work with the collet but good to know.

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I know the simulator is the CC result verification tool, but it would be interesting to see an outside interpretation.

Here is an article about converting Gcode back to a STL file.

Don’t those tools expect G-code for a 3D printer?

It’s rather a different thing making an STL from subtractive G-code where tool geometry needs to be taken into account.

Honestly I have no idea how they operate or what assumptions they make.
I would assume they sample the curves, create an organized point list and turn that into a mesh.

That would ignore the generation of features during the subtraction process as you point out.

It would allow for a comparison tactic to see if the 0 deg paths looks the same as the 90 deg paths.
At least to see if the gouges are there.

I guess you could also create 3D line strings or splines from the gcode and compare the wireframe in a CAD system.

In the short term to get the product out, I would use @Tod1d 's suggestion and rerun a bit lower at 0 deg

I think someone suggested a test dome or dish to confirm results using the same parameters.

First step this morning was cleaning collets and shaft. Shame on me! Way more dust trapped in collet than I’d have imagined. Ditto for the inside off the shaft. Used a pipe stem cleaner and flexible straw to get shaft clean. About 15 minutes to do a really good job. Then started to run dome model as Bozo suggested. Gantry got close to work and jumped. Hit Pause immediately. Turned off CNC and the right side jumped, like the right stepper had just been released.

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Check all wiring and connections?

If using a belt-drive machine, power down and remove both Y-axis belts, then put a bit of tape on the pulleys (so as to better see their rotation), then power up, connect and try to initialize — the machine should initialize Z and X normally, while the Y-axis motors turn until they time out — do they turn evenly and in synch?

Power down and reinstall the belts if in good condition swapping side-for-side and end-for-end.

It’s Shapeoko Pro, two years old so belts with X & Y.
Machine is off. Left motor frozen in place.
Turn machine on. Everything frozen (normal). Click Initialize. Gantry jumps and left Y motor doesn’t move. Shut off fast.
Bits of belt on left pulleys.

For a machine w/ linear rails/blocks do they need to be lubricated?

Undo the left belt and verify if the motor is frozen, or the linear bearings are.

Just did and it’s not the motor! Separated the Left Gantry Endplate from its Carrier Plate. Moved Gantry all the way to the back. Left Carrier Plate will barely move - about 1/8"! Detached Left and Right Belts at front.

Remove Left Front Endplate. Carefully pulled Carrier plate off rail. Only lost one bearing. Cleaned raid with brass brush. Only thing I saw was belt dust. Don’t see any damage to rail. Cleaned blocks; not much there. Attempted to reinstall Carrier and lost several bearings. Am I supposed to inject oil into the tiny holes between the tiny screws at the front and back of the thing that houses the bearings? If so, HOW? And how do I reintall the Carrier on it’s Rail withought loosing its bearings - or mine?

However, when I had that issue, I flooded them with wd-40 to flush them out, then followed it up with some vactra 2 oil. I was not going to disassemble my rails.