3d model sizing

Is there a way to get CC to import the model at the sizing it was created at? The model is created to spec to fit together with other pieces with aligning bolt holes. When I import it imports in at an arbitrary size and the only way to size it I have found is dragging the corners. This makes it very difficult to get them to an exact size. For instance these are designed at 5" squares and this is how they import.

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If I understand what your asking on the design page you can make a square and set your measurements and when you upload the grayscale image into that box it’ll fit into that space

The model will scale to the size of the workpiece, or any object that is selected when you import.
It will do a “Fit” to the object or workpiece.
Your model looks like it’s 5" tall, by 10" + the space between the 2 square objects.
So make you workpiece 15" x 5", then import. It will scale to 5" tall. Or if you know the exact width of the model, use that.


You need to set the Scale value to 1.0 and then the Height to match the physical size of the model.

Interestingly, mine come in at a scale of 25.4 (stl was saved in Inch.)
So it looks like CC imports in metric only. Even if my units are set to Inch.


Does the STL format have an option for setting units in the file?

Does that file import at the correct size into MeshCAM?

The STL file is unitless. But if it was output from an inch model, a 12’ long solid will output as 12.0
But if output from a metric model, it will output as 304.8 (actually 3.048e+2)

I don’t have meshcam. Give it a try

jeff_angel_mm.stl - Google Drive

Both models are 12" x 8" x 0.75"

Does Carbide Create Pro import 3MF files? Pretty sure those embed units in them which one would expect to be honored.

No, for 3D only .stl or .png, .jpg, .bmp as a grayscale heightmap.

Looks like Fusion will convert a 3MF though

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