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Hello There,

I’m not super great at 3D modeling, where might one go for decent cheapish 3D modeling services? I have searched the internet for a good 3D file of One Eyed Willie (or Willy) from The Goonies, but can’t find anything. I may have a project I’d like to use him for, but want to play around with it.

I found one guy on Etsy that makes keyboard keys with a 3D printer. He has a good One Eyed Willie key, but is unwilling to share/sell his 3D file.

Any thoughts? Thank you in advance.

There is a member of the Facebook group #CNC Router Tips group named Elena Zhepalo who does modeling. I’ve heard she is reasonably priced.

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I get them on ebay, or Etsy, sometimes, too.
EDIT: Sorry, I didn’t see it was for a modeling service :slight_smile:

@dtilton71 Thanks, I messaged her.

@jdg3 I looked, can’t find anything :frowning:

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I am always looking for 3D modeling/graphic design jobs. If you can’t find what you are looking, I’d be happy to take it on.


@Jerrylee I sent you a message.

Jerry did an awesome sailboat model for me a few months back. I think it was his first and he did an awesome job from a picture I sent him. I am sure he has it all down now. Someday, I am going to have time to learn how to do that.


Thank you for the kind words.

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Pls explain.

Are you saying that you create Greascale midels??


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