3d Rough Tooling

I am giving carbide create pro a try. When I go to tooling, my 3d finish selects a 1/8th bit for rough cut and estimates 2000 minutes. Can I change the bit/depth per cut on the rough pass? The finish pass is only showing 84 minutes with a 1/8th bit. Thanks in advance!

Post your file?

Usual approach is a 1/4" ball-nose EDIT: or square tool (depending on part geometry) for roughing and successively smaller EDIT: ball-nosed tooling for finishing.


It’s not letting me post the file - I can email it to you at support. Give me a few and I’ll do that.

Interesting using a ball nose for the roughing. I’ve only done a couple of 3d so far, but I’ve used flat endmills for the roughing and only use the ball nose for the finishing passes.

Since clearing out most of the stock is what the roughing does, shouldn’t you use a an endmill that’s designed for that task instead of wearing out the ball nose that will use mostly the ball tip of the bit?

Naturally, this depends on part geometry — I’ve gone back and edited my post.

To clarify this is a topo map of the US. I sent support the file I’m working on.

Anyone have any ideas on how to get Lake Michigan cut down? It’s an empty spot on the file. I’m not cuting out the model, so it’s leaving it untouched and cutting around it.

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