3D 'zones' and how to define and manage them

Apologies for yet another request for help with setting up a 3D project in CC. There are lots of threads with help for specific projects in the community forum and some rough tutorials that demonstrate some of the settings, but unfortunately none of them are sinking-in for me. I think I need something more basic to better grasp how to use the 3D functionality in CC.

I start to lose the plot right out of the gate when it comes to defining the Model. I don’t yet understand how to configure the Model in relation to the stock I’m using, how it relates to the imported 3D image, how to manipulate the two to achieve the desired look and how much of the stock I want left below the image that is carved. It seems that some of the Model attributes cannot be changed after they are defined.

Obviously a long way from defining tool paths, but no point getting into that until after I get a handle on creating the design.

Are there any references available that define how to manage the areas of the design that I think I understand (illustrated below) so far?

I’m either missing a lot of details I need to understand or I’ve overcomplicated all of it.

Thank you.

I don’t know if you have already come across this or not, but these videos helped me understand more about Carbide Create’s 3d capabilities. Carbide Create Pro Training Part 1 Intro - YouTube


Thanks for the link Scott, much appreciated. I had not found that one yet and will watch it today.

Almost everything that’s been suggested previously has been more of a demo than training.

It is kind of a demo/training hybrid, but he goes through the thought process or defining the 3d object. Much like you I struggled to comprehend what was going on with the 3d tools. I do feel like they’re still pretty clunky, as there’s no way to edit once you’ve created things, but it’s better than nothing.

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I watched parts 1 & 2 and they were certainly helpful and like you said, a bit demo and training.

Little by little it all helps, but still wish C3D provided more comprehensive training modules for their Pro features, which for me, are more complex than the features found in the free version.

Thanks again for your help.


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