4 axis for Nomad

(Daniel Collins) #21

Hi Phil,
yes, the Super Gerbil has an input terminal for probes, am setting it up to work similarly to the Nomad.
BTW, am creating more videos on my youtube channel - let me know if there’s anything in particular you’d like to see.

(Owen Protheroe) #22

Wow! Good job Dan, that blows my idea out of the water! I look forward to seeing your results.

(Phil Gorsuch) #23

I wouldnt mind a closer look at the board install and wiring at the back but thats more of a picture request than a video request. The more the better!

(Daniel Collins) #24

Hi Phil and Everyone,
just re-posting this photo after the forum data loss…

The unconnected plug labelled ‘FRONT’ is simply the Nomad’s front button which wasn’t wired up at the time of the photo.
I’ve also just completed another CNC upgrade - this time a 3020 rather than our Nomad. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_9dc0BAf0M
Work is underway on tweaking and testing this physical 4th axis design, but our controller Kickstarter is above 50% now, so we need everyone’s support to get us there… it’s no use having a physical 4th axis if you don’t have a suitable controller :slight_smile: