415 unstable: Pocket operation leaving stock behind

(Arjan van de Ven) #1

First time I see this, but in the 415 build in a relatively simple pocket operation with text, the toolpath left a little ridge of wood behind… in the toolpath view you can see where it happens (just below the bottom of the “P”)


it’s almost like something is either rounding wrong or optimizing wrong. the piece of wood left behind is not “fuzz” but real solid (but thin obviously). The design has several places that have this.

Has anyone else seen something like this in the newer versions?
(I can send the design to support@ if thats useful)


(Michael) #2

Yes. I had a USN emblem I cut and had rings just like your that left 3/16" ring of stock. Had to chisel it out.

Just like the pocketing operation on round vectors cuts smooth crisp edges on outside of pocket cutt in clockwise rotation, while the inner pocket reverses this rotation and chips out material 80% of the time while cutting back into the grain.

Kinda sucks not having control of the direction of cut.

I would totally take pictures of your cut and send the file in.

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