4mm shank dia end mill on stock collet

Hi all,

I was going to order some end mills that have shank diameter of 4mm. Will those end mill cutters fit in provided collet with 883?


@mega128, not really. ER collets have some clamping range but not a lot. Here is a typical manufacturer’s info page http://www.rego-fix.com/en/home/products/collets-reduction-sleeves-tapping-collets/er-collets/paction/list/pcontroller/Article/anext/1/redirected/1/ptab/kind/size/er-11/kind/er-11-standard-zoll.html Rego-Fix is a very good quality manufacturer so you can trust their judgment. The 1/8" collet will only hold a little larger than 3mm. Fortunately ER11 collets are common so a 4mm collet would not be hard to buy.

Thanks Randy! That really helped me understand the concept of collects. I will buy some 4mm collects.

Thanks again :slight_smile: