5 pro troubles at every turn

I bought the 4x4 5 pro with the vfd spindle and i paid just shy of 5,000 and i have had nothing but problems.I will say that customer service has been very good but that doesn’t make up for the troubles.It’s been one thing after the other and i’ve had multiple projects ruined.It’s not a good feeling when you have no faith in a machine you just paid that kind of money for and theres more stress than going to work.I wish i looked closer at the onefinity…


I now consider it a warning sign when people rave about how good a company’s customer service is.


Problems are to be expected in any machine. Proper setup is an absolute must, education of the operator is also a must. CNC is a complex environment, and this must be understood. The exception would be if parts of the machine were poor to begin with, but my experience with shapeoko has been the parts are very good to excellent. My biggest issue was learning about the intricacies of the platform and the software. After all that, I’m now confident as to what and how to do the carvings sucessfully. Tom



rest of 20…


good for you if you had a good experience but i’ve bought many tools for a whole lot less and didn’t have to go through and tighten every single screw on it including the motor coupler screws which i didn’t even know existed.it’s like buying a car and having the dealer tell you to try this and that,one of them should work.it’s obvious that there is absolutely no quality control being preformed on these machines before they are sent out.

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Just a suggestion…take a deep breath, when it gets right it will be surprising!

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I hear ya and I’m trying lol thanks

I can say that I understand how you feel. My VFD went kaputt last week and I was put out to say the least seeing the amount of work I had ahead of me for Christmas. Like others have said, the customer service was top notch and while it took two shipments of replacement parts with one missing a part, I have to say that it’s at least comforting to see a company actually trying to make things right. It’s not great to have issues, esp with a new machine, but at least it’s not radio silence when you call for help.

I assume most issues are a result of the Christmas rush, but I believe that you’ll be up and running sooner than you think.


It sucks that you are having issues with a new machine and I hope it gets sorted but keep in mind
Onefinity has several bad machines that went out to customers as well but they remove some of the negative forum posts about the issues on their site. They have done it so many times there is a Facebook group dedicated to people having issues with their machines.

Yes Carbide needs to step up QC in some areas but so does Onefinity so the grass is not as green as you think on the other side…

I hope they both transition to a better assembly process and start using properly shielded cables for the stepper and spindle motors one day.

Onefinity’s new Masso controlled line isn’t wired properly because if you look on the Masso site it specifically says to use shielded cables for the steppers. So they are not even following the manufacturer’s basic wiring requirements and I feel bad for the extra customer service load Masso will be having to deal with as a result.

There is plenty of room for improvements and I hope it happens so others don’t have issues.


I too had a lot of loose bolts/screws (some just floating around in the shipping box), but i had heard that is not uncommon so I took the time too tighten everything as I was assembling. So far it has been an amazing machine. My biggest frustration was the learning curve of software. Doing functional and some art pieces. I would say just spend a moment to tighten everything down and like mentioned in another comment, just take a breath and once it’s dialed in you will be pleased. I am on some of the onefinity forums as well and there are plenty of problems on that platform as well… I would say even more than with Carbide.

I see that also,hopefully i get a handle on it soon.Merry Christmas

I would have to agree with you i purchase the same machine it arrived with no control electronic box no Grounding block power pendant missing cable. So frustrating when u can’t even get any buddy on the phone. U leave a message now is an extra day that goes by and u still stranded with no parts
Is just a joke smh

Wow I am so surprised, yep it sucks when this happens. I have to say with my experience with C3D. It has been very good. The machine arrived all intact, went together great, instructions were good. Everything went fine. The only issue I had was I live in Canada and the accessories came on a separate shipment so I had to pay handling fees twice, next time I will just self declare :slight_smile: Afterwards I developed an EMI issue, however my environment issue as I ran the Vacuum AC right next to the controller power supply. This caused strange things to happen to the the controller. Better grounding and better EMI rejection would have been nice but that was easily fixable. Tech support was great. Yep very weird stuff and yep I was frustrated but when we found the issue, it was so simple. There is lots of good info here on EMI.
Sensitive computers combined with heavier equipment can be a bit of a challenge to figure out sometimes. And each persons setup is unique.

I have read of longer waits when calling for support. I must be fortunate as I have had no issues with them getting back to me in a reasonable time. The nice thing is C3D is a growing medium Company and they are still involved in the front lines with us. The bad thing is they are a growing company and I assume they are experiencing some growing pains :slight_smile: So far they always seem to step up and own it, which is great, and more then I can say from some other companies I have dealt with.

Not raving just saying I can understand some ups and down. Sorry to hear this may be a down, however just sharing there have been lots of ups. And I personally believe mistakes happen, it is all in how we respond and learn from them. so this might just be a leaning opportunity :slight_smile:

I would also echo the issues about the other guys. When I started looking, I joined each community group. This community group, with the support, the professionalism and the positive vibe were defiantly on the pro side of the paper :slight_smile: Thanks to all on this group that have helped me with my sometimes silly questions :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear about the issues and I hope this will be behind you soon so you can enjoy carving with your new machine. I am sure once you get there you will enjoy it. And please ask questions :slight_smile:

Merry Christmas @jayville66


Your right the tech support has been fantastic even on the weekends and with the support you get from people in this carbide community like yourself makes it a whole lot better.Merry Christmas to you too.


When I got my Shapeoko 3 I had issues with screws backing out during cuts even after tightening them down myself. It was quite frustrating. I ended up taking each screw out one at a time to apply blue Loctite to each one. I am pretty sure it comes down to the tolerances in the screw threads.

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Yes, I would agree. I have had 5 Pro for 9 weeks or so. Same thing. I can not count the issues that I have had. 2 bit setters, 3 control boxes, 3 wiring harnesses, 2nd front plate on y axis. 3rd router ( was even told by C3D that it would not be practical for them to qualify check routers before sending out.) I have spent hours waiting for call backs and hours between emails and calls. And again today - when I was finished call today, they knew and I knew that the problem was not fixed.
I don’t know what to do - I have a machine that does not work and a customer support that does not have the time to fix things.
I would agree that the guys at customer
support are very understanding and good to talk to - but at the end of the day I just want a machine that works.
The machine tells me that I have used it for 14 hours my guess is I have spent 80 + hours trying to get things to run. I have no idea how many hours waiting for callbacks.
Very frustrating and disappointing


I agree - one of the reasons I bought Shapeoko was because of all the reviews about customer service. Should have been a flag rite there. There should have been a lot more reviews about how good the machine is. I am now 9 weeks in, without a working machine.
One of life’s learning lessons.

While I still hang around here to see what people make, Im on the train of never buying another c3d product again. Too many problems with both machines (nomad 3 and hdm ), Fixtures being warped, Replacments being warped, Emails where the person replying very clearly diddnt read what was sent or look at the photos, Issues with shipping the list goes on and on and on. Like steve said, With the amount of people going to support it has now been a burn in my brain to take a much deeper look at stuff I am buying to verify if its for help or bad quality control. Very very often I wish I just purchased a used vmc or built a print nc because I would have had the same amount of dumb shit to deal with with a much more capable machine for the same amount of money and time. Even months after ironing out most of my hdms issues I still do not trust the machine and I never will until I replace all the electronics. It has been an intresting few years to watch how the culture on this forum and the vibe the company gives off both here and on reddit + other social media has changed.

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Thinking about canceling my order after waiting 13 business days and still no shipment on the S5P. I considered onefinity, but looks bulky and ugly haha.

Please note that shipment estimates are now up to 25 days (when I checked the shop page yesterday) — check in with sales for any details which we can share.

We appreciate folks’ understanding and patience while we work through these issues — we are doing our best to address things at our end, and will make sure that everyone has a machine which works to the published specifications and their expectations within those specifications.