#501 feeds and speeds

Hi guys I have searched and cannot find the answer, though it could be there somewhere.

I am trying to do some small engravings using 501 and 502. I have entered their data into the tool library but man its ridiculous at how slow it is. It would take me 27hours to do a 9 letter word at just 4mm height and depth of 0.1mm.

It’s on aluminium then onto silver if it looks right, save money on wasted pieces.

Does this sound right? If not does anyone have a guide on where I can start with values please.

Have you tried the new 433? It has better feed and speed calculation: https://carbide3d.com/carbidecreate/unstable/

Please note: The #501 and 502 are intended for PCB milling — unfortunately, Carbide Create doesn’t take the rounded tip into account when generating toolpaths.

Lots of discussions on feeds and speeds here, but I don’t know of any specific to the #501 and 502.

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Cheers Will. Yeah I have trawled many a thread but none to the #501 #502 end mills. I know they’re for pcb but thought they would also do a good job at some micro engraving on aluminium.

I shall try the new build cheers.


I haven’t used it yet but I did just receive 2 of them in the mail. In silver i would run 10k rpm and somewhere around the neighborhood of 10ipm - .0005" per flute. Silver can be a little gummy and build up in your endmills. I’d also give it a little spray of wd-40 before you start cutting.at .1mm you could honestly push it to 15ipm or more but 10 should be a good starting point. i would also set your plunge feedrate to 5ipm just to be safe.


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