65mm spindle mount for Z-Plus

I’m wanting to buy the VFD Spindle kit. It has a 65mm spindle. I have the Z-Plus on an XXL. Does anyone know of a 65mm mount that’s compatible with the Z-Plus? I have the original mount for the dewalt 611, with the adapter ring. The manual ( https://my.carbide3d.com/pdf/Z-Plus_Upgrade_Guide_8-26-2020_v1.0_web.pdf) on page 14 says: " Install the router mount adapter ring if you have a 65mm router. "

It “looks” like that should work (installing the adapter ring). I emailed carbide3d sales, and they are recommending I upgrade to the HDZ. I just bought the Z-Plus and the product page for the VFD Spindle kit says the Z-Plus should work. Talking to sales, it doesn’t sound like there’s a 65mm mount for the Z-Plus…

Any ideas?

I can’t answer directly, but I just bought the VFD Spindle kit. Not here yet, but I never gave it a second thought. We have the 65MM adapter ring on our Z Plus. It should work fine I would think.

Yes, the spindle adapter ring will work.

Alternately, buy:

Yeah, according to the manuals, they “say” it should work. I checked the manuals after I posted this… Sales didn’t sound very hopeful, but I’m not sure they understood… If it doesn’t work, I guess there’s always duct tape and zip ties (joking…)… Thanks for the reply!

Thanks for confirming, about the adapter ring… It’s been sitting in a junk drawer for 5 years and I didn’t even know what it was, until I saw it in a manual… It sounds like I’m fine then.

I checked on the mount you linked to, and that’s only compatible with the HDZ. I have the Z-Plus. The sales person said they aren’t compatible.

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I was able to install my old (gunmetal) HD 65mm spindle mount for an HDZ on the Z-Plus on my Pro — the two lower holes are the same.

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