8mm tools for the nomad?

Hi all,

still waiting for my Nomad 3, so thought I’d look more into tooling options.

Not that I haven’t already ordered a nice selection with it… :sweat_smile:

I have some 6mm cutters for my dewalt, but mainly using 8mm.

Is there a reason why the Nomad is limited to 7mm max?

I guess roughing would go a lot faster with 8mm bits?



The Nomad spindle doesn’t have the torque for larger tooling when used in harder materials, and stock size isn’t really sufficient for larger tooling to pay off when one factors in the time for the tool change for most jobs.

That said, it should be possible to source an 8mm ER-11 collet and use 8mm tooling — in softer materials which it is suited for if the machine has the torque to spin the greater mass up.

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Hi Will,

thanks for getting back to me so quickly again! :+1:

I was just thinking about soft woods and the like - if more material needs to be taken off or the surface planed.

Seen the collet already, so think I’ll get one and test it then.

Hopefully my Nomad will ship soon, really excited to finally get one.

By soft materials, I meant wax, and maybe Renshape — I doubt even plastic or any wood tougher than Balsa would be okay.

Thanks for clarifying this.

I’ll stick to the smaller diameters then.

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