90 V Cutter is not producing quality results

I ran a trial piece yesterday prior to the actual run and had what I consider a weird result. I was using a 301 1/4" 90 V cutter to do my lettering and for the most part it was fine. The Letters A, R, D, B in the outer ring and the ribbon above the AA insignia are, INHO, unacceptable, though my uneducated guess is that the bit is either too big and / or going to deep to clearly cut these letters. I tried entering a 1/8" 201 square for the same lettering and create would not accept it stating empty toolpath. I know that the preview photo shows the letters the way they were cut, I’m just unaware of how to correct it.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I’m making this for a great friend of mine who is a disabled AA Ranger who served during war time and he is unaware that he’ll be getting it, so i need it to be prefect.

Thanks in advance


Please post your file. Looks like it may be an issue with the tool paths on some of your letters. Also mat be a combination of the font size and the bit along with the depth of cut. Vcarve can be funny with some fonts and cuts.

If you look at tour tool paths on the letters you will see sections on the letters that don’t have cut paths and these same sections are not cut on your finished project. this may be how the letter is grouped,or selected when you created the tool path.


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Your A and R and 8 and others are probably multiple vectors each. The middle part of the letter is a separate path. Without seeing the file, it looks like you only selected the outer path.

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The preview matches what was cut.

Post the file and we will sort this out.

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I attached the gcode file below. I did see that the preview didn’t appear to show some of the letters in question. I was able to select the centers to the letter be though it still didn’t cut properly.

82nd AA Gcode file.nc (332.2 KB)

I don’t use create, so this is a guess but this is a common issue with vector graphics. On your 8, for example you have an outline with two circles on top. You want one path shaped like an eight. @WillAdams will show you.

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The G-code file can’t be fixed. Please post the .c2d source file.

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Sorry, I didn’t think to attach this file, but here it is.

82nd AA.c2d (224 KB)

Only select things once for a given desired cutting and allow it to cut as deeply as need be.

Set up one toolpath:


82nd AA_FIXED.c2d (228 KB)

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Will, this is amazing. Is this just your rendition of the design to view or is it a working file to cut by? So this is a 1/4" 60 deg x 59/64 V cutting cnc, am I correct to say that another Mfg bit of these same dimensions would work the same as the Amana listed?

Thank you sir for your assistance

It’s the same file.

Can’t advise on tooling we don’t sell — the file should cut well w/ the Amana.

The big thing is — if the 3D preview doesn’t match what you want to cut, adjust the toolpath(s) until it is cutting as you wish.


I’ve had this issue before if the V bit is not wide enough for the depth…
the solution for me was to use an advanced vcarve toolpath (even if the thing doesn’t bottom out) and set a proper max depth of cut,. the advanced vcarve path will do the right “layers” of depth.
(but also, almost always I do put in a max depth there for safety)


For the record, this selection was made:

and if you assign a shallow Advanced V carving it looks like this:

and if you add the Pocket clearing option:

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I bought a Groovee Jenny 60d egree down cut vee bit from Cadance Manufacturing. I love that bit for vcarving. It gives very smooth results even in cross grain situations. 90 degree vee are not my favorite for getting good lettering vcarve cuts. There also 20 and 30 degree vee bits available that make fine lettering look better.