925 holes, seriously

Ha ha, talk about tedious. Anybody else ever bored 925 holes? It’s the top for a vacuum dust box for sanding.


yea, but do that by hand instead :slight_smile:

Yeah, exactly. All finished now, thank goodness.

Actually, 927…


I did not quite so many once as pockets for 1/4-20 threads using an 1/8" end mill and it took FOREVER!!! Like 4-5 hours…

However, now that I use VCarve and do peck drilling I could kill it in less than an hour I’m sure assuming I needed holes of a certain size and had a bit with a 1/4" or 1/8" shank.

My wife wants one of these, and so do I to keep all of her sanding dust off my motorcycle. Let me know how it turns out, I have a small 2hp dust collector in route to my house as I type and that is one of the places I plan to use it.


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Pegboard :slight_smile: https://hw.menardc.com/main/items/media/GEORG008/ProductLarge/129-1041.jpg

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I tried to use pegboard once — the problem is the holes aren’t drilled / punched consistently enough for usages requiring precision and accuracy.

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Wow, works like a charm. Definitive test, sanded various pieces for half an hour. Ate breakfast, returned to garage after any dust had a chance to settle. Inspected our shiny blue Camaro that was parked 5’ away, it was dust free!!
I shoulda made one of these years ago. (The box, not the car)


Fair, but a top for a sanding table would likely work

I thought about pegboard decided on 3/4 mdf because 1. I always have some on hand. 2. I thought pegboard would sag given the size of the box. 3. I didn’t have any pegboard on hand. Plus it was a good project to try my hand at using grbl Panel and an alternative post processor for F360 CAM.

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My Triumph Street Triple looks like a powdered donut :tired_face:

In my wife’s defense she does use shop air and dust off my bike from time to time, but the sanding box is in her near future!

I’m thinking I’ll use whatever MDF I have laying around too. 1/4" holes be enough?


Quarter inch will do it. I put the car on the street on heavy sanding days. Shouldn’t have to now. Hope I can do away with the mask, we’ll see. Hmmm, need a laser particle counter. Ha ha.


Hi there

What bit were you using and what were the settings? How long did that take?