A bit of a rework in progress

Well, lost movement on X for the last time. See the chunk of ali next to the new steel belt and jumbo drag chain? I’m going to save it or die trying…

New board connected and operational…well, it moves in all the right directions. Always learning.

Shielded cable for steppers, MrBeaver limit switches, steel reinforced belts.


Only a one beer job??

I’d of thought it warrants at least 2, maybe 3…

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Thank you, I would like to know the specification of the wires and curious what is the new board?

Sometimes, what you see…

Truthfully, jobs just started, too many high octane beers make me fuzzy so just one this evening.

CNC Pro V4 from Spark Concepts, cable from a post by @mikep here Stepper motor noise question SOLVED


Oh the humanity, nice car + chip/dust making machine. Even my little motorcycle gets a cover. Please no more @Griff, I can’t take it :frowning:


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Well…about the car…

I’m thinkin I might invite @Vince.Fab to help with a boost from 455 to 1000+. I don’t think I can afford it though…

Stepper motor steering, I like where this is going :slight_smile: Add some linear bearings and it’ll handle like it’s on rails :wink:


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