A code sender easy to install

Up to now i have only used Carbide Motion to send the code to the Shapeoko, but now i am working on larger files (one is 50mb) and are not loading in Carbide Motion.

I looked around and find things that are kind of complicate to install and nor simple exe files.

I am an expert in graphics but not in the kind of stuff that i have to load manually like linux etc.

I appreciate the help

Have you considered the CNCjs desktop application ? It’s a regular installer and exists for Windows and MacOS, pretty much one click.

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Thanks for the fast reply
I am downloading it and I will read the help page
Thanks again

The current version of Carbide Motion, build 513 isn’t supposed to have size issues — which version are you using?

The one I got when I purchased the machine, I think in January or February: Build: 4.0.428

Tomorrow morning I will download the newer one, that will be great because I like Carbide Motion, i have no issues with it, it works fine for me.


Thanks Will,
I installed the update and it works great.


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