A couple projects to share

Thought I’d share a couple items that I recently finished. I enjoy seeing everyone’s projects no matter how big or small, simple or elaborate. There’s always something to learn or spark an idea.
The moose scene is a couple Vectric files put together on a piece of walnut. The sign is for a buddy of mine that wanted something to set out at the campground. This is on an old piece of poplar barn board. He let me have the boards from a barn he was taking down so of course I was more that happy to make this for him. He also let me take the walnut limbs which I sliced on a band saw.


Nice work!

If I may offer a bit of constructive criticism, please consider using an apostrophe ’ rather than a typewriter / computer uni-directional stick quote ’

More on this at: https://www.shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/Designing_for_Fabrication#Characters

Yes, by all means, thank you William. Will read the info from the link but how do you get that as I don’t have the option on the keyboard? Also, does anyone know the proper way when making signs as to the use of the apostrophe or not? The Mattson’s or The Mattsons. I’ve seen signs made with and without the use of the apostrophe but found no info on my google search. Maybe not using the correct search terms!

Thank you.

Good-natured ribbing alert!

Your rendition of the Mattson’s duck is quite nice :slight_smile:

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Lol…well he is a duck hunter!

It’s a plural, and there’s no omission, so no apostrophe is needed (and including one is an error which I missed).

The Mattsons

please. (Should’ve caught that).

On a Mac, an apostrophe is Option-shift-] I think. For Windows, there are a couple of options:

  • install a keyboard driver w/ dead keys which will allow one to readily type it (US-International?)
  • memorize the code, hold down the alt/option key and strike out the code (0146 for an apostrophe) on the keyboard ’
  • copy it out of Charmap.exe
  • use Word’s “Smart” quotes feature (the quotes are intentional, since it so often gets things wrong)
  • use a utility modeled on DEC’s COMPOSE.EXE (which in turn was modeled on the COMPOSE key on their nifty dedicated word-processor’s keyboards) — there’s one at the initial link I provided

Great, good info there!

Thanks again William.

Not plural, Will - it’s a possessive apostrophe.

The implication/inference is that this residence belongs too The Mattsons.

Although the family likely consists of multiple individuals, the collective (“family”) name for that particular group is singular (In the same vein that we consider a “Herd” of cattle, rather than a “HerdS” of cattle - many cattle, just one herd!). I would therefore suggest that ’s is indeed correct (grammatically speaking!)

…But I’m prepared to be corrected/mocked/scorned/flamed/publically humiliated as necessary! :wink:

(Nice work, Bill!)


No, it’s a subtle point, and depends on what one is trying to say:

A family of people, the Browns, with the surname “Brown” here

Lots more on this, along with an argument that it (the apostrophe) should be abolished: apostrophes | Common Errors in English Usage and More | Washington State University

(and if we were referring to the homestead, then it would be, “the Browns’ home”)

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Ok guys here’s one for ya. My last name is Johnes. It is pronounced Johns!
For the same sign with my last name on it how would you spell it?

If you want to indicate a possessive a name ending in an S would usually end like this … Johnes’

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The same ugly thing which happens to my name:

The Adamses


The Johneses

Lol, yes I feel your pain.

And if it were the possessive of the plural then…

“The Adamses’ XL…”
“The Johneses’ XXL…”

…I guess :slight_smile:

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Probably just easier to change your name.

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I’m beginning to think so Carl. I just want to make a stupid simple sign…lol.