A few measurements please

I hate to ask for this, but hoping someone doesn’t mind helping me out. My job (the Navy…) has me far from my SO3XXL during the work week, and sometimes I drive 3+ hours home to visit it on the weekends. Trying to order some parts for my next session and my dad obviously doesn’t know how to use digital calipers because he gave me multiple numbers for each part that were +/- .25 ish inches…

Can someone please tell me the thickness of the Y carriage plates? And also the thickness of the Suckit Dust Boot arms? (The black ones that attach above the router and have the long slot in them to receive the adjustable clear portion)

Super appreciate it!

Just measured the thickness of my Y plates to be 3.60mm, google says that’s 0.1417’’
The thickness of the black arms of my Suckit is 11.7mm, that’s 0.46’’


10 gauge steel, 0.1382 inches by spec. ~3.5mm (a bit thicker with the powder coating).


Thanks Julien and Will!

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